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Peter B. | Lost over 32 lbs * Results may vary

"I am well on my way to living a better life." Having surgery performed by Dr. Kuri has been one of the best choice I have made in this journey. With his care, the excellent staff, and the exceptional facilities I was put at ease before the surgery and confident that I was in some of the best care available. Thank you Dr. Kuri and all your staff for helping me make the Lap-Band be [...]

Bill W. | Lost 82 lbs * Results may vary

"The hospital was first rate and nicer than many I visit at home in St Louis and surrounding." In early 2006, I was 430 lbs and the size 58 pants in the picture fit me tightly. Even with that extra stretch waist band. I really have two jobs, I sell Medicare insurance products to Senior citizens where I manage 12 agents in about five states, and I also sell medical equipment to doctors offices in [...]

Karen S. | Size 22 to 14! * Results may vary

"Dr. Kuri has a kind heart, with his first priority being his patients." I would like to thank Dr Kuri for everything he did for me when I had my surgery on Tuesday, January 19. During our meeting on Monday, I told him about my hiatal hernia which was a real worry of mine. He said he had only had 3 cases out of over 4,300 where he was not able to repair a hiatal [...]

Isela | Size 26 to size 18 * Results may vary

"I trust Dr. Kuri and his team with my life, and I truly feel they have saved it!" This surgery was the greatest thing I've done for myself. I still got a ways to go...but it's going! It's a tool, not a miracle! It's taught me to eat and chew and taste my foods. Dr. Kuri's team is the best! I trust Dr. Kuri and his team with my life, and I truly feel they [...]

Gloria | Lost over 50 lbs * Results may vary

"I am sad that I missed a decade of happiness, but I am so optimistic for the future. I am going to make up for lost time." For twenty years I lived life in the “Fast and Fabulous Lane”. My husband and I traveled the world at others expense through our business. I wore the latest fashions in a size 4 Jr. Petite weighing between 86 and 96 pounds. I thought that I was dreaming. [...]

Christen | Lost 85 lbs * Results may vary

“Eating to live rather than living to eat.“ I would like to talk about the my experience with food addiction, getting banded in Mexico, loosing 85 pounds, getting plastic surgery in Mexico and continuing my struggle to follow the path of living healthy. I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds during my 18 year marriage. Seven years ago we had twins with colic and I turned to food for comfort. I gained 100 pounds [...]

Carol B. | Lost 55 lbs * Results may vary

"Thanks for saving my life, thanks for giving us the right tool to use for this journey." I was banded last year Nov. 4 2007 by Dr. Kuri My weight started out weighting at 265 LB and now I'm weight 210 Lbs, I move around so much better with what I have lost, right it at a standstill in which I'm very pleased with. Dr. Kuri I just want to say thanks for saving my [...]

Theresa S | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

"I am so thankful that I found the kindest doctor in the world." I am so thankful that I found the kindest doctor in the world. He even postponed his vacation so I could be banded during a school break. There is nothing like being able to walk into any store and buy something that fits. It has been so successful for me, that I have subsequently had three friends who have been banded by [...]

Lori C | Size 26 to size 16 * Results may vary

"I can truly say that Dr. Kuri changed our lives." Wow, where to start. Well, actually, I started at 300 pounds in December of 2004, my sister and I(Theresa S.) had Dr. Kuri install our lapbands. What a trip! I lost 85 lbs the first year, 15 lbs in the second, and 10 pounds last year. After going 18 months with out an adjustment to my band, I am back on track now, and have [...]

Joy P. | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

"Living with the band has been a real learning experience." Being overweight was what most of my life has been about. I'd lose weight and then gain it back plus a few more pounds everytime. A friend of mine told me she was going to Mexico to have a lap band done.....I did everything I could to try and talk her out of it. Thank God she was set on doing made me start [...]

Glenda | Lost 90 lbs * Results may vary

"Dr. Kuri and his team made me feel at ease, explained everything as it was going on and most likely saved my life." I heard about Dr. Kuri from my mother's hairdresser. Katy had had the surgery so we started doing research. I have a best friend that had undergone bypass surgery and who was struggling to get enough iron and nutrition. I was on Kaiser's list for the bypass, but I just couldn't make [...]

Diane | Size 24 to size 14 * Results may vary

"This experience has been successful in providing a new image of myself both outwardly, and the more important inward aspect of self-esteem, along with renewed energy, attitude, and a chance for longer lasting health." My sister and I embarked on our Lap-Band experience in Sept 2004, but actually it started several months prior when my sister contacted me about her interest in Lap-Band as a way to lose and manage weight. I had not heard [...]

Ann R. | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

"The after care is excellent." I started looking into weight loss surgery about 4 years ago after a dentist refused to do work on me as my blood pressure was so high – 149 over 99. A friend of mine Mona who had already had the surgery told me about Dr Kuri so I decided to look into the lap band. Everybody was so helpful and friendly so I decided to go ahead. I had [...]


Dr Kuri & Associates provides no guarantees of weight loss results.  Individual results vary depending on each patients personal medical history, and willingness to adhere to a new weight loss lifestyle.  Weight loss surgery involves a lifetime commitment to significant lifestyle changes, and is not suited for everyone.

All surgical procedures carry inherent risks.  Serious complications may occur in any surgery, including up to and including death. Examples of serious or life-threatening complications, which may require prolonged and/or unexpected hospitalization and/or reoperation, include but are not limited to, one or more of the following: injury to tissues/organs, bleeding, infection and internal scarring that can cause long-lasting dysfunction/pain. Risks of surgery also include the potential for equipment failure and/or human error.