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Pat | Size 26 to size 10 * Results may vary

"I can't lose weight or exercise because I have MS." That had been my excuse since my diagnosis in 1988, but let me back up a few years. My weight during my childhood and teen years was “normal”, but I always "felt" that I was overweight. My mom was obese from her childhood and so I was raised watching her struggle with her weight and low self-esteem.

After I got married and started having children, I began putting on weight. I tried all of the usual diets; Weight Watchers, Diet Center, "liquid protein," "Atkins”, you name it and I had tried it. I usually lost some weight but eventually ended up putting it back on.

When I was diagnosed with MS I thought that would be the end of my trying to lose weight because I could not do "normal" exercises. My weight continued to increase and I finally quit weighing myself. I was so ashamed of how large I had become, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to take care of my personal hygiene properly. In a family where many members have suffered with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, I knew that I had to do something or else I could also end up with one of these conditions.

In January of 2005 I made up my mind to try one more time to lose weight. I went on a popular liquid diet but the weight loss was so slow. One day I was surfing the internet about weight loss surgery and Dr. Kuri's website popped up. I was determined not to pursue gastric bypass because I felt it was too drastic for me. I filled out the questionnaire online and was very surprised when two days later I received a phone call asking if I had any questions and would I like to secure a surgery date?

I mentioned the surgery in Mexico to my husband, who told me that if I really wanted to do it that we would come up with the money somehow. I really was not put off by the idea of going to Mexico since I had been to Monterrey, Mexico in 1998 for other medical issues. I was a little apprehensive about the surgery itself, but all of the positive posts on the website put my mind at ease.

On May 27, 2005, I had lap band surgery and I have not regretted one moment. I began this journey at 270 lbs and have surpassed my initial goal of 100 lbs. I have lost 106 lbs and have never felt better. In the 2 1/2 years since surgery I have had nine fills and three un-fills, but otherwise it has been a pretty smooth road.

I really enjoy shopping for clothes now. I have gone from a size 24-26 dress to a size 10. I love that I can now turn over in bed and also get in and out of the bathtub myself. I do not need a seat belt extender in the fact I make it a game each time I fly to see how far I can cinch the belt. When we travel down south and rent a car, we can rent a regular car because now my thighs fit underneath the steering wheel. I found an exercise machine so that I can sit in a chair and exercise my legs. My husband and family have been behind me 100% and have played a vital role in my success.

I consider Dr. Kuri and his team as my “lifesavers” because that is what they offered me….a tool to help me become healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you really want to lose weight, no matter whether you are fairly healthy or have limited mobility, you CAN do it.

Linda E. | Lost 60 lbs * Results may vary

My name is Linda Elmquist. I am a RN. I work in a surgical area. I had lap band surgery with Dr. Pedro Kuri in Tijuana Mexico in October of 2005. I too, like everyone, was anxious about the idea of going to Mexico for surgery, having seen such bad examples of Mexican surgeons at my work. Not so the case. I have found out that there are many excellent surgeons and facilities that cater to Americans that are failed by the insurance system here. I researched the options in Mexico and decided upon Dr. Kuri. I received excellent feedback about him from other healthcare worker, including physicians, that had the surgery. My surgical experience was great! I brought my daughter for support. She is also a nurse. Dr. Kuri allowed and even encouraged her to observe my surgery. She was impressed with the surgeon's skills and the facilities. The staff was great. The hospital is beautiful. The hotel was perfect. I could not have had a better experience in my OWN hospital!! I have had no complications. I get all my fills done with Dr. Kuri in Mexico. I am a firm believer in fluoroscopy for the fills. This ascertains that my band is in place and that the fill is appropriate. From Tucson the cost is about one hundred dollars to fly to and from Tijuana. I do it in one day. I have had four fills and one unfill. After a year I finally came to the place, a sweet spot, where I am losing at a regular rate. I am continuing to learn about my body, my psyche and food intake. The best thing about being banded is I never have to worry about dieting. I know that the weight is coming off and I will not gain it back. To date I have lost 60 lbs. so far and I have 25 more to go. My weight loss has not been as dramatic as some as I did not have as much weight to lose. My starting BMI was 37. The skinnier you are, the slower the weight loss. I am satisfied with the surgery, the support and my results.

Kristen H | Lost 247 lbs * Results may vary

I am writing this story because of how the lap band changed my life. As you can see in my first photo it was hard for me to even stand and push my twins on the swings. I was a hermit and never wanted to leave my house. It hurt to walk my feet would ache with every step, and not to mention how people treated me and looked at me. Now I have my life back thanks to Dr. Kuri. I have gone from size 38 to 14!! I have lost 247 pounds and still counting! I am now in school to become a teacher. I ride Harleys and I love life. My journey is not over yet I am still losing and have about 30 pounds to go! I go to the gym now 3 times a week and the weight is still coming off. Slower now but it is still coming off. I owe my life to the lap band and Dr. Kuri.


Much love to you Dr. Kuri.

Judy W | Size 22/24 to size 4/6 * Results may vary

"I have lost 110 pounds in less than one year." I have lost 110 pounds in less than one year. I feel great and am walking up to 10 miles per day. I have more energy and self confidence than I have had since my teens. No more diet ups and downs! I was in size 22/24 and now wear size 4/6. The best thing that has happened to me is the Lap-Band and Dr.Kuri [...]

Jennifer T | Lost 61 lbs * Results may vary

"It's the best decision I have ever made and would do it over again in the same place with the same doctor!" Wow! What a journey! I cannot explain how much different I feel and the amount of energy I have! Even though I haven't reached goal weight, the loss of 61 pounds is amazing! My entire experience has been wonderful, starting with surgery in Mexico though the journey I have done at home. Arm [...]

Polarbear Mike | Lost 215 lbs * Results may vary

I was dying. I weighed 427 lbs, and couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't do my job, had no strength and no energy. I was very likely less than 6 months from a heart attack, and I was at the end of my rope. I found out about the Lap-Band, and joined the Original Southern California Bandsters, a Lap-Band support group, and there I met Dr Kuri. Something about me impressed him; I'm not sure what it might have been, but Dr Kuri offered me a Lap-Band and I accepted his offer. It changed my life - it GAVE me an expectation of HAVING a life! I had fought insurance denial after denial, even hiring an attorney to fight for me with absolutely NO luck, so Dr Kuri's generous offer was truly a Godsend - there was no way I could ever get a band and lose the weight on my own! After being banded, I lost weight at a REMARKABLE speed! I lost 215 lbs in less than 18 months. I can walk, I can work, I can LIVE again! I'm here for my family, and I expect to be for many years to come!

Dr Kuri is a FABULOUS surgeon; the surgery was quick, and for me recovery was painless and easy. I have had no problems with the band except that I am slightly overfilled - which will be corrected next weekend! the journey for me has been exemplary. I can only recommend to anyone seeking weight loss to GET THE BAND NOW!! - DON'T WAIT - every day thin is another day you can LIVE! And, if you are going to get the band, there is no finer doctor to have place it than Dr. Kuri! He and his team are awesome, and their facilities wonderful! - Polarbear MIke

Marilyn | Lost 86 lbs * Results may vary

"I am learning to love myself for the first time in my life." Dear Dr. Kuri, Why am I so glad I did the weight loss surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Kuri and his crew? Let me tell you why: I can't imagine getting better care anywhere else. There were five doctors in attendance, three surgeons—Dr. Kuri, Dr. Morales and Dr. Espinosa—and the anesthesiologist and I never did figure out who the fifth one was. [...]

Marsha | Lost 155 lbs * Results may vary

"Your skilled care and the Lap-Band "tool" has taken me down to 230 from a size 30 to an 18." Dear Dr. Kuri, This is just a brief note of thanks for saving my life with the Lap-Band. I was 385 with aching joints, shortness of breath and no decent quality of life whatsoever. Your skilled care and the Lap-Band "tool" has taken me down to 230 from a size 30 to an 18. Yes [...]

Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary

"I work in the health care field and am a health care professional and can honestly say that I have never seen healthcare any better." Like so many others I have struggled with obesity since childhood. I had the ability to be successful with some of my dieting efforts but the weight always ended up coming back on with extra to spare. So I knew when I read about the Lap-Band that it was the [...]

JoAnn, Patient Facilitator | Size 26 to size 10 * Results may vary

"The care that I received by Dr. Kuri and his team in the state of the art Hospital Angeles was truly exceptional." I can't believe how fast the last seventeen months have flown by. The changes to my life have been absolutely amazing. The changes to my body and health are a miracle. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 10 (sometimes 8) woo hoo! I no longer experience constant pain in [...]

Cathy G | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary

"Getting a Lap-Band was the best thing I ever did for my health." I was fat and fifty and though I'd been successful in so many parts of my life, my body was getting in the way of skiing, dancing, even loving -- and my five kids were embarrassed to be seen with me. My habits of snacking, sneaking and stuffing were killing me. The LapBand had just been approved by the FDA when I [...]

Jessie C, Patient Facilitator | Lost 94 lbs * Results may vary

"I felt like I wasted all of my 20's and most of my 30's being overweight, but thanks to the Lap-Band and Dr.Kuri I now have my health, my body and my life back." Shortly after I was married I came to the conclusion that my weight was hindering my life. I weighed 272 lbs. and all my clothes were so tight that I was miserable. A friend of mine had gastric bypass surgery but [...]

Fran, Patient Facilitator | Lost 130 lbs * Results may vary

"I am no longer invisible, less than, or defined by my weight." I was one of those people that had genetics against me. I was always heavy for my age, no matter how young, and was taught to clean up my plate because there were kids in other countries going without anything to eat. My parents prided themselves in the fact that if we didn’t have money we would always have food. And life would [...]

Eveleine, Patient Facilitator | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary

"The weight loss has given me the ability to really live my life again." My name is Eveleine Currier and I am a Patient Facilitator for Dr. Kuri. I want to thank him for helping me to make the best decision I could have ever made. The LAP-BAND has given me my life back. The weight loss has given me the ability to really live my life again. To be able to share my story [...]

Hannah | Banded at 12 yrs old * Results may vary

What the band has done for me...hmm. I can think of many things that it has done for me. But some things that really changed my life are: Lap-Band surgery let me live an actual "teenager" life. It has helped me play my sports easier without having to take heavy gasps by just walking down the field. It has changed my life in ways I can't explain. I end up thinking every night about how it has changed my life. I actually bought my first two-piece bathing suit last month. The band has showed me a healthier way of life. Thank you for everything and making that major decision to let a [then] 12 year-old girl get this chance of a lifetime.

- Hannah


Dr Kuri & Associates provides no guarantees of weight loss results.  Individual results vary depending on each patients personal medical history, and willingness to adhere to a new weight loss lifestyle.  Weight loss surgery involves a lifetime commitment to significant lifestyle changes, and is not suited for everyone.

All surgical procedures carry inherent risks.  Serious complications may occur in any surgery, including up to and including death. Examples of serious or life-threatening complications, which may require prolonged and/or unexpected hospitalization and/or reoperation, include but are not limited to, one or more of the following: injury to tissues/organs, bleeding, infection and internal scarring that can cause long-lasting dysfunction/pain. Risks of surgery also include the potential for equipment failure and/or human error.