Support for Life after Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Kuri sets the example for all of us on his staff. He listens, he educates, and he’s committed to making himself available to patients at all possible times, especially as they prepare for life after bariatric surgery. Many patients are delighted when they call our main line after hours to find his wife answering the phone forwarded to his home. This sort of commitment is what patients of Dr. Kuri know and love.

In addition to the time dedicated by all of our staff, we also have an extensive infrastructure of support applications collectively located at our Online Patient Forum specifically designed to serve our patients in life after bariatric surgery, their loved ones, and those interested in the procedure. Depending upon the membership level (visitor, member, patient), access is provided for a variety of different areas of the site where one can post in discussion groups, view educational documents and programs specifically selected for our patients, and even locate other Kuri patients close to where they live. The Regional Support group section is a wonderful tool to find local support groups where you can meet patients one-on-one or in groups, close to home.

Please visit us at our Online Patient Forum and give it a try! If you need any help, simply post your question and we’ll respond in assistance. You may also find members of the Kuri Family of Bandsters (patients, family and friends, and staff) posting on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Connect with Dr. Kuri to learn more or stay in touch.

While here on our site, browse our media library and various research studies to see what scientists and former patients are saying about lap band surgery. Don’t take our word, take the word of the experts.